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Intrigued by my father’s passion for that vineyard, I embarked on the path in the world of viticulture. With great determination I began to study in order to acquire increasingly specific and qualified knowledge and skills that led me, in a short time, to become a point of reference in Irpinia and Campania in the field of wine and territory promotion. After being involved in marketing and sales, for an Irpinian wine cooperative, in 2000 I decided to create, together with my wife Flora Tranfaglia, a winery.

The goal was to devote ourselves to artisanal winemaking far from industrial logic, faithful to local tradition in both timing and technique. Some red wines, such as Don Ciriaco, Vigna San Michele and Nero Latino, are made from 100% Aglianico grapes from Taurasi vineyards. Minimal amounts of sulfites are used in the production of these wines compared to the maximum allowed amounts, and they can be considered vegan since these wines are not clarified with processing aids of animal origin.

3 acres owned the rest of the grapes purchase on site
Soil Type
volcanic clayey
Aglianico Taurasi


The main feature of the soil conformation is the strong presence of clay component, an element that gives these delicious grapes all their distinctive character.


The climate is typical of inland areas, characterized by large temperature ranges and low rainfall. Thermal and hydrometric conditions are ideal for the ripening process.


Taurasi is a red wine from Campania, which became a DOCG in 1993. It can be produced exclusively in Taurasi and 16 other nearby municipalities, all in the province of Avellino.





Very high number of sunny days, fairly frequent spring frosts. Pronounced temperature ranges between average max and min temperatures during July-September.


Ranked among the finest wines of Italy, it is made from the Aglianico grape variety (other non-aromatic red grape varieties are allowed up to a maximum of 15 percent), Taurasi, by ministerial regulation , must be aged at least three years before being released for sale, at least one of which must be in wooden barrels.


With modern viticulture, vineyards are trained to Guyot or spurred cordon, but in the Taurasine landscape you can still see the tall festoons of the traditional “starseta Taurasina.”




Some red wines, such as Don Ciriaco, Vigna san Michele and Nero Latino, are made from 100% aglianico grapes from Taurasi vineyards.


Interview to Giacomo Pastore

Bed & Breakfast

Stanze Don Gesualdo

An elegant B&B in the historic center of Taurasi. Located on Via Italia, a stone’s throw from the castle that once belonged to Prince Carlo Gesualdo, it offers its customers the courtesy and “politeness” typical of Irpinian hospitality.

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via F. Tedesco, 5 - 83030 Taurasi, Italia

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